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Wanaport Managed WiFi For Hotels


If you’re a hotel owner or manager, you know the importance of providing high-speed WiFi for your guests. It’s an essential part of a five star in-room entertainment experience that boosts guest satisfaction, fosters loyalty and helps you gain a competitive edge. But WiFi can be challenging, especially in larger hotels that have guests with many devices. Even worse, a single poor connection can damage your reputation and result in negative guest reviews and recommendations.

Can I create my own captive portal?

If your hotel has been experiencing WiFi problems, it might be time to consider managed hospitality internet solutions. Managed WiFi providers can handle the technology behind your guest network, freeing up your on-site IT staff to focus on other projects and improving service delivery. However, some hotels worry that they will lose control of their guest connections if wanaport managed wifi for hotels  switch to a managed provider. This means that your guests and staff would be required to contact a third-party support team whenever they have an issue.

Wanaport has designed our hospitality Wi-Fi solutions with these concerns in mind. We offer a cloud based management platform that allows you to decide how your guests connect and authenticate with your network. Authentication options range from shared or individual access codes to folio verification and loyalty account validation. Our scalable hospitality Internet solution also provides easy-to-use TV casting and streaming services that can be integrated with your existing hotel in-room systems without the need for proprietary set-top boxes.

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