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Linen Crop Tops


Linen crop tops are an essential item for the warmer months. Pairing a linen top with a straw hat, strand of freshwater pearls or coral bangles, adds an elegant finish to your look. Our pieces are carefully designed to retain shape, hold seam integrity and soften with each wash. They’re versatile, comfortable and can be worn year-round in a wide range of settings and weather conditions.URL :

What were crop tops made for?

Our 100% linen fabric is breathable, allowing air to flow freely around your skin rather than clinging to it. It’s also highly absorbent, soaking up sweat and perspiration quickly to prevent that sticky and uncomfortable clammy feeling. It’s a great choice for hot and humid climates, and it can help reduce body odour by absorbing the smelly bacteria that cause it.

The best part is that our linen garments are ethically produced using flax, a plant that thrives in the temperate climates of Europe and requires minimal pesticides and fertilisers. As a sustainable fibre, it also biodegrades at the end of its useful life, and the harvested seeds and oils can be used in food and health products, further supporting the sustainable lifestyle that we’re trying to live!

Unlike cotton, linen doesn’t lose its strength or softness after a number of washes. It’s also much softer against the skin than synthetic and artificial fabrics. In addition, it’s hypoallergenic – meaning it doesn’t cause irritation for people with sensitive skin and allergies, especially those suffering from rashes and other conditions like eczema.

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