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Inklingo Custom Print SizesInklingo Custom Print Sizes


custom print sizes

Custom print sizes can be a great way to make the most of your fabric. Printing your appliqué pieces in the right size will prevent you from running out of fabric while allowing you to create unique designs and layouts. Inklingo shapes are available in many different sizes to help you make the most of your scraps and Jelly Rolls (or Nickels). Each Inklingo collection includes Suggested Custom Page Sizes that you can use in your printing.

Whether you are using a wide format inkjet or an ordinary desktop printer, it is not difficult to set up custom paper sizes. In fact, most all printers and all-in-ones are capable of printing custom sizes. Inkjets will often list this option in the Paper Size pop-up menu. Unfortunately, InDesign does not allow you to select the “Custom” option in the Paper Size pop-up menu. However, you can use the printer driver to establish your custom size.

Tailored Elegance: Exploring the Beauty of Custom Print Sizes

To create a custom paper size, go to the Printer & Scanners app or click the printer icon in your dock. Select the printer that you want to configure, then click Manage Custom Sizes. In the Custom Paper Size dialog box, select Add and enter the desired Width and Height. You will also need to provide a name for the new paper size. Note that the width must be smaller than the height. The default setting is A4. You can also select the Base Paper Size and either Landscape or Portrait as the Ratio. Click OK to save your custom paper size. It will now be displayed in the Paper Size drop-down menu in the main dialog box when you print.