Keynote 2 Keynote LAW The Laws Regarding Dui Calgary

The Laws Regarding Dui Calgary


The laws in Alberta regarding dui calgary are quite strict, and it is a very big deal to be convicted of drunk driving or any related offence. The penalties for such offences can be devastating to your career, family life and your standing in the community. They include hefty monetary fines, ongoing licence suspension and vehicle seizures, requirement attendance at alcohol treatment programs, and even jail time if you are convicted of repeat DUI offences.

Many of these penalties are based on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading, and the higher the level of intoxication you have in your system, the more severe the penalties. Moreover, the fact that you are charged with a crime and have a criminal record will make it much more difficult to enter Canada in the future, unless you obtain a Temporary Resident Permit before traveling. Your Calgary DUI lawyer can help you with this process, which involves gathering legal documents and having your fingerprints taken.

Facing DUI Charges in Calgary? Here’s Your Legal Roadmap

If you are facing a 1st offense DUI charge, you should be in touch with an experienced Calgary defense attorney right away. A qualified defense lawyer should be able to advise you on the suggested next steps, including whether it is worth fighting your case. The best Calgary DUI lawyers can assess a Crown case in layers, which is analogous to peeling back the skin of an onion. This means that they are very cautious in concretizing any opinions respecting the quality of the Crown case before obtaining disclosure.

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